Welcome to GWSIT

We are here to provide Solutions to your IT Problems.

These are the types of services we offer. Feel free to contact us about any of your service needs.


   Contact us about any contracting work you require

   Linux and Unix Servers

   Virtual Servers - VMWare, Xen

   Web servers - MySQL, Apache, PHP

   Email servers

   Microsoft Windows Servers and Desktops

   Firewalls and Web Filters

   Linux on the Desktop

   Audit of your IT infrastructure

   Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

   NAS/SAN storage requirements

   Cloud based and remote hosting colocation solutions

   PABX telephony and VOIP solutions



   Computer hardware and software repairs

   Computer hardware and software upgrades and installations

   Internet services including installations

   Wifi and networks

Email: support@gwsit.com.au